"I want to compliment TSG on this report (very detailed, complete with all pertinent information, plenty of pictures to document the test properly,etc.). This is one of the best test reports I have seen from an outside lab for several years "

24 April 13 - G. B. (Automotive customer)


“Thank you… we appreciate your professional services and timely correspondence. We look forward to working with you more in the future.”

2 September 09 - D. G. (S.O.R.E. customer)

“On a personal note as we have discussed previously, TSG’s support and very quick turnaround time are very much appreciated and have not gone unnoticed from our management."

30 September 09 - K. P. (Automotive customer)
“I want to thank you… we look forward to working with you. You have a very professional operation and we were very impressed! “

5 October 09 - J. G. (Marine customer)

“Thank you and your team… it is very rewarding to be able to test with TSG. Your dedication and attention to detail greatly outweighs similar organizations.”

13 October 09 - D. W. (PFC customer)

"I really appreciate the effort of your people in getting this done today.  TSG has always been great to work with and it's responses like this that will keep us coming back."

10 March 2010 - M.F. (Automotive Customer)