TSG employs several different test methodologies for determining 
evaporative performance of automotive components and systems:



TSG performs a wide variety of evaporative emission tests, from short isothermal SHED evaluations to 72 hour diurnal procedures.

We also offer the full complement of weight loss test methods for customers needing this protocol. All TSG SHED tests are automated and carefully controlled to maintain conformance to EPA or CARB temperature profiles. TSG PZEV SHEDs use magnetically coupled stirring fans.

Calibration activities are carried out monthly to ensure consistency and precision in measurements. SHED bake-outs are routinely  performed to eliminate the possibility of HC hang-up and cross-contamination between tests. Additionally, components undergoing accelerated aging at elevated temperatures are vented and segregated by their targeted specification to ensure no cross-contamination among parts occurs.

TSG has performed the uncertainty analysis for its evaporative measurement systems and the results and data are available to clients upon request.